Styles of Kung Fu

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Chun Seh Dau

Styles of Kung Fu

School Of Shaolin Kung Fu

"The Hard, the Light, the Soft, the Bright; The Many Faceted Way"

Styles of Kung Fu

To every Kwoon, it's own Master and to every Master, their own way.


Where Dragons Roam

The Chun Seh Dau team at the WPKA European Championships 2004

The Chun Seh Dau/Vagabond team at the WPKA World Championships 2005

Triple Black Belt Grading 29-09-2005

Mastership Declaration 2007

Ketan Mistry's Black Belt Grading 2008

BCCMA Tournament 12-04-2015 The Grandmaster and the school wish to congratulate Sifu Aaron and Sifu Ketan in their results in the BCCMA forms competition in Milton Keynes

Sifu Aarons Trip to China to study 2015

Master Aarons Decalaration 2020 and school anniversary GrandMaster wishes to congratulate Master Aaron on him achieving Mastership. The Mastership Ceremony was combined with a celebration of the Schools anniversary.

Styles of Kung Fu

Please Note: Chun Seh Dau School of Shaolin Kung Fu is NOT a Shaolin Temple nor does it or has it ever professed to be a Shaolin Temple. We are devoted entirely to the practise and study of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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Styles of Kung Fu

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