Styles of Kung Fu

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Chun Seh Dau

Styles of Kung Fu

School Of Shaolin Kung Fu

"The Hard, the Light, the Soft, the Bright; The Many Faceted Way"

Styles of Kung Fu

To every Kwoon, it's own Master and to every Master, their own way.

The School History

From the specks of an ember
a furnace to fire,
For those who dare to dream of a stream
full of dragon fire.

The School was founded in 1970 by Grandmaster Frederick V.K. Dhiman.

Grandmaster Dhiman trained in Shaolin Kung Fu from the age of 7. He was taught by Grand Master Chun Seh until his death in 1977. Chun Seh Dau is taught in honour of Chun Seh's "Way" and since Grand Master Dhiman's death, we continue the school to honour him. Frederick achieved the Rank of Master at the Shaolin Temple aged 16 and has since progressed to Grandmaster (which is achieved traditionally by Shaolin dictate upon a Master producing a Master). He opened his first school in 1970 and has taught continuously at various locations since then.

Chun Seh Dau is true to it's traditional Shaolin roots and encompasses many different styles and aspects of the Shaolin Kung including the healing arts and meditation. Both Northern and Southern Shaolin styles are taught.

The School and Grandmaster's history is well known by Disciples and students; some of whom had been training with Grandmaster for over twenty years.

Some of those students whose achievements Grand Master wishes to acknowledge specifically included Trevor Ambrose, "The Chill", of worldwide fame, who started his Martial Arts career with the Late Grandmaster Frederick Dhiman many years ago and to this day honours the Master.

 Michael Lewis, student of Chun Seh Dau School of Shaolin Kung Fu for over 20 years. Black Belt 9th Rank.

Sifu Robin Hastings, Black Belt 6th Rank, practitioner of Five Animals Kung Fu and Praying Mantis, currently residing in Canada. And Sifu Richard "Tricky Dicky" Kerr, first ever holder of the BSMAP Grand Championship for Light Continuous Coloured Belts (-75kg). And winner of many trophies!

Sadly Grand Master Dhiman died in late 2020 but with Grand Masters blessings, a group of senior Sifu, lead by Master Aaron are continuing the school and the philosophies that were installed in us.

Grand Master Fred

Grand Master Dhiman

The school and it's many students give thanks for the gift of Kung Fu given to us by the late Grand Master Frederick.

Grand Master gave many of us the tools and self discipline which made other areas of our lives so much better than they may otherwise have been.

We have spoken to many people since his passing and amongst the sadness, everyone has said so many fond words about Grand Master Fred.

Many people say sorry for your loss, and although our relationship has physically come to an end, it's never been a loss, always a gain which we will always have and treasure.

It is with that spirit that we hope to pass on some of what we have received going forwards.

Thank you for everything you have given Fred.

Styles of Kung Fu

Please Note: Chun Seh Dau School of Shaolin Kung Fu is NOT a Shaolin Temple nor does it or has it ever professed to be a Shaolin Temple. We are devoted entirely to the practise and study of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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