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"The Hard, the Light, the Soft, the Bright; The Many Faceted Way"

No Poem This

No poem this
That which I write
But words with feelings To thank you with
0 Warrior, Amber Knight. For sorry did I feel For the loss of my heart But more for my soul Stolen in the dark.
The life I buried
The feelings that died The love I could not find For the wings that dried And fires that slept The cruelest sleep
In the coldest night.
Then I awoke
To the warmth Of amber light
For the warrior she
Found my soul
Pawned to the angel
Of deaths delight.
A battle ensued 
The screams were loud The wounds deep
In the arrows flight But she won
The Amber Knight O saviour mine.
So I thank thee
From my heart
But most from my soul
For showing me
The warmth
 Of Amber light.
I Frederick Grandmaster

©Chun Seh Dau School of Shaolin Kung Fu (All rights reserved).

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