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Styles of Kung Fu

To every Kwoon, it's own Master and to every Master, their own way.



GrandMaster and the Sifus wish to congratulate Sifu Chris Johnson, Sifu Aaron Martins and Sifu Simon Lambert on completing their Black Belt gradings and gaining the title of Sifu.


The Grandmaster and the school wish to congratulate Sifu Aaron and Sifu Ketan in their results in the BCCMA forms competition in Milton Keynes.

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We are pleased to announce that on the 17th July 2016 Sifu Aaron Martins 6th Rank Disciple to Grand Master Fredrick Dhiman competed in and won 2 Gold Medals in the 2016 BCCMA British National Championship and is now the Official British Champion in Shaolin Long Weapon and Shaolin Southern Hand Routines.

With grateful thanks to Monk Bai Lasha of Honan Monastery China.

By Buddha's Blessing.


The Grandmaster and the school wish to congratulate the Sifus who successfully completed their re-ranking.

Styles of Kung Fu

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