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"The Hard, the Light, the Soft, the Bright; The Many Faceted Way"

The Writings of Sifu Richard "Tricky" Kerr

Master Ying and Master Yang 
Master Ying was a gentle man,
He always tried to get on with Mr. Yang.
However Mr. Yang was a miserable old man.
So to make Mr. Yang happy was Master Yings plan.
Though Master Ying was always polite.
Mr. Yang often got angry and wanted to fight.
Master Ying said softly "let's just be calm",
"My desire is not to cause you harm".
Still peaceful and then more relaxed Master Ying became.
He now realized poor Mr.Yang's anger would not be tame.
Though aware of this Master Ying was still not afraid of Yang.
So they both took stance and the fight began.
Naturally aggressive Mr.Yang attacked.
Master Ying sidestepped to avoid being slapped.
Mr. Yang jumped up and did a flying kick.
So Master Ying low dodged still calm, but quick.
Mr. Yang remained angry and intended to kill.
Aware of Yang's mindset Ying's mind was calm still.
Yang walked forward throwing an array of blows.
So Mr. Ying danced lightly up on his toes.
Moving evasively so he could not be hit.
Disheartened Yang now knew Master Ying was too quick.
Now tired from throwing all the shots at Ying.
Yang's vicious attacks had all missed frustrating him.
Ying could easily kill Yang if he wanted to.
Ying was a true kung fu Master though so he knew what to do.
He just stepped quickly toward Mister Yang and said. 
Try to hit me again and I'll strike you dead.
The now ashamed Mr. Yang said don't insult me.
Master Ying said I'm just being honest can't you see. 
That there is no good reason for us to fight.
Just relax and be calm and soon you'll see I'm right.
Be calm and joyful not angry and sad.
You will find a way to cope with the things that make you mad.
Yang couldn't understand why the Master was such a kind natured man.
This master was just working on his master plan.
Then Yang swallowed his pride and said I cannot beat you.
You've won without hitting me with your ying style kung fu.
Please teach me the soft way of the peaceful man.
So from that day Master Yang's training began.
Master Ying's teaching soon made Yang become a kind gentleman.
This friendship brought the balance of Master Ying to make a Master of Yang.

Listen to Me

Listen to me I am your friend. 
I have some knowledge I'd like to lend. To help you, when you're on your way. Just incase you go astray.
The wisdom that I now pass your way. Is yours to retain everyday. Use it as and when you like. Be it day, or be it night.
The lesson that I wish to teach you now, Is not too tricky, as I know how. How to teach you to teach What I teach you.
So this is what you must now do. You must imagine you are I,
And see things this way then why. As what I teach is my kung fu. I help myself when I help you. You carry me when you walk.
You speak for me when you talk.
You teach the lessons I have taught. You fight the battles I once fought. You help the people fused to.
Am I giving you a hint or maybe a clue? See my dreams see my thoughts.
Feel the way that I've been taught. Now it's in you, you have a choice.
You can block me out or hear my voice.
You are strong enough now to retain this. So you can grant me just one wish.
Take my knowledge as a gift have faith and trust.
Then one day when a worthy student listens ,to you, you must One day teach him to be a teacher this exact same way
That I teach you on this special day.
So relax and enjoy what I give to you.
One day your every colour will shine through.
Then find the strength and courage that will make you see You're a wise man and a warrior just like me.

So you don't know me?

What so now you don't know me? 
You're scared now that's plain to see. 
Coz now my minds perception is clear in reality. 
You now realize your foolish mistake with me. 
You pushed me more than you wished you had. 
Now your scared I am glad. 
Glad that every hurtful thing you did. 
Every time that I just ran and hid. 
Just growing stronger inside my mind. 
Waiting patiently until one day I'd find. 
A way to express the way I feel. 
After my internal wounds are healed. 
My mind now clear is blessed with the voice. 
That helps me make an important choice. 
Do I get my revenge on you? 
For all the things you put me through. 
Or just relax and see the light. 
Knowing that it's not my fight. 
It's you that should feel ashamed. As you're the one the devils claimed. To carry out his little, dirty deeds. Planting nasty little seeds. Inside the minds of people, just like me. Now though you sense I have no fear. As now, my mind can see clear. Stronger now, though I was once your prey. Though years ago I felt you should pay. But now the pain has kind of gone away. I see your weakness is your own mind. Put there by the damage and pain, the exact same kind.
All Written by Sifu Richard Kerr

©Chun Seh Dau School of Shaolin Kung Fu (All rights reserved).

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